North Carolina Association of Rescue & EMS Insurance Program Now Available!

Dear NCAR&EMS Member,

This site is dedicated to all the firefighters and rescue workers across the state of NC who give of themselves each and every day and in memory of Jonathan Michael “Goose” Sapp (January 14, 1985 – February 26, 2013).

The North Carolina Association of Rescue & E.M.S. Inc., along with its partners, Zapf Inc., and Linked.Exchange LLC, has made available for its members a convenient way to secure important insurance coverages. If you have interest in accident, cancer, critical illness, and life insurance, you needn’t look any further than your rescue association and its partners. The North Carolina Association of Rescue and E.M.S., Inc. (NCAR&EMS) have negotiated on the membership to receive special benefits only available to NCAR&EMS members. These benefits include guarantee issue insurance coverage, dependent coverage options and more.

NEW January 2019 – Guarantee Issue Whole Life Insurance – Available for as little as $2 a week! Specific enrollment periods apply for guarantee issued plans. Please ask your Chief for more information.

New Plan Details (Added March 2021)

Approved Zaph Inc., team members are available to assist NCAR&EMS members with plan information and enrollment. The goal if Zaph Inc., is to visit each squad at least once per year or at a minimum conduct an online meeting for squad locations. Information is the key and we want to help! 

If you would like more information on the plans and how they work, feel free to contact me today to schedule either a group or personal one to one meeting that can be conducted over the phone.

WEB PORTAL - In addition, there is a new web portal that is available to active NCAR&EMS members. The portal allows members to log into their own secure portal that can review plan options, quote, enroll and review coverages after policies are in effect. User credentials to access the secure portal must be created by an approved service team member.

Click HERE to access the portal login page (Note: when you click the link you will see a secure login page. Insert your username and password that was created for you by the Zaph Inc team member and you will have access to your portal)

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Contact Info:

Phone: (704) 604-2252