Benefits Available to Qualified Rescue & EMS Workers

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Squad Must:
  1. have a corporate structure - be an incorporated non-profit or governmental institution
  2. have authority to operate from a local government
  3. have a minimum of eight (8) members with a minimum certification as required by NCAR&EMS Certificate of Eligibility
  4. have the minimum equipment required by NCAR&EMS Certificate of Eligibility
  5. offer a minimum of 36 hours of training each year
  6. file a certified roster of all members that are authorized by its bylaws (Jr, Hon, Life, Aux, etc.) on or before January 15th of each calendar year
NOTE: New members should be added to your roster as soon as they are employed or accepted on the department, but no later than the next business day. They may be submitted on-line or called in to the NCAR&EMS office. Must list member's full name, address, date of birth, and social security number. Once a member is on your roster, they are eligible for all benefits for one year.
Association Unit (Squad) Dues are $40.00.

Members must:
  1. be on a certified roster.
  2. have 36 hours of training in a calendar year to be eligible for benefits for that year
Association Unit (Squad) Dues are $40.00
Association Member Dues are $16.00*

Benefits that do not require membership:

  1. Death Benefits for In-Line-of-Duty (Rescue Relief Fund)
  2. Monetary Support for LODD (Rescue Relief Fund)
  3. Disability Income (Rescue Relief Fund)
  4. Scholarships for Children of Department Members (Rescue Relief Fund)
  5. Scholarships for Children of In-Line-of-Duty Death (Rescue Relief Fund)
  6. Pension Fund
  7. Dignity Memorial Public Servants Program
  8. Health Insurance
  9. Payroll Services through ADP

Qualifications for Membership

  1. Must pay annual dues
  2. Shall be a NCAR&EMS member whose name appears on a roster filed by a department who is affiliated with the NCAR&EMS. Any member who is dismissed from his or her department for any reason shall immediately forfeit membership in the NCAR&EMS.
  3. Retired members must remain a member of the NCAR&EMS and meet one of the following.
    1. 20 years of service as eligible rescue or EMS worker
    2. Disabled
      1. six (6) months for in-line-of-duty
      2. five (5) years for non-duty

Benefits for NCAR&EMS Members:

  1. Benevolent Brotherhood
  2. Accidental Death and Accidental Dismemberment
  3. Natural Death
  4. Monetary Compensation
  5. Scholarship for Members
  6. Scholarship for Spouse of In-Line-of-Duty Death
  7. Local Government Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card
  8. N.C. Vision Health Plan 1500