Individual Convention Registration

Required fields are labeled in red. A squad affiliation is requested if attending the dinner.

OEMS Workshop Attendance

We are offering an OEMS Institution Program Coordinators workshop (one day, 8 hours) for $125/attendee (includes convention registration fee, if attendee opts to also attend the convention). Please specify convention attendees and the number partaking in dinner, above, in addition to how many will be attending each class, below. Each person may register for/attend no more than one of the following classes.

Place Order <-- opens a new window to pay on-line*
Guest Names

* Use the place order link to pre-pay on-line with a credit card. You'll need to enter the number of people in your party (not including those attending OEMS workshop) in the Convention Registration item, add it to your cart, add the OEMS workshop fee, if applicable, and check out (choose CC option). Once you have an order #, put it in the order number field on this form for reference.