Meeting Minutes for September 14-15, 2012


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
September 14-15, 2012
High Point Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, High Point NC
Commander Robert Poe called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Bill Henderson.
Welcome was given by Commander Robert Poe
Adoption of order of business; Motion to approve by Bill Henderson; second Bob Twomey; motion carried.
Roll call of voting delegates; Jerry Bradshaw called the names of 26 voting delegates. List available in the office.
Guests were recognized; Regina Godette-Crawford Chief OEMS and staff, Rhonda Stevens Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Coordinator, Steve Sloan NC OSFM, Todd Brown NCEM, and Fred Bone of Bone & Associates.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:



Todd Brown; (1)NCEM SAR Coordinator position filled, Brian Barnes comes from our planning section and is a fire fighter with Fuquay-Varina FD and Buies Creek FD. He will be attending the NC weekend at NFA in November.(2)Very grateful for the support provided during the DNC, the event went smoothly with minimal outside resources allocated other than the pre-arranged mission support.(3)NCEM will continue with our Web-EOC exercises each month, remaining exercises are Sept. 19, Oct. 31, Nov. 28.(4)The remaining full scale exercise for the year is the rescheduled Catawba Fixed Nuclear Facility Exercise the end of October.(5)Continue to work with OEMS on Special Medical Support Shelter initiatives and mission packages for EMS resources.


State Treasurers' Office:

Rhonda Stevens, Coordinator NC Fire / Rescue Pension Fund. (1) The Pension Fund is working to get departments caught up in their payments. (2) They are working to get new members. (3) They are working to get the TAD on line for departments with on-line payment options.

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Terry Foxx; The Certification Board met at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on June 12, 2012. (1)Certification Board committee reports were heard and approved. (2) Updates from the Fire & Rescue Commission were discussed. (3) Discussion were held on Disciplinary issues, Educational Methodology, and the Dive Rescue Program. (4) The next meeting is to be held at Pinecroft Sedgfield FD on September 18, 2012.

Rescue Committee:

Terry Foxx; The Rescue Committee met via conference call May 21, 2012. (1)Reviewed and discussed the Tower Rescue program. (2) Discussed the Dive Rescue Program and is working to put the program together, as a result of determining there had been a need for this course. (3) Did not meet August 20, 2012. (4) The next meeting is schedule for November 13, 2012.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Robert Poe; EMS Advisory Council meeting 08/14/2012. (1)Report from OEMS Staff that 64 disciplinary cases had been reviewed since our last meeting. Of these 39 actually went to the Disciplinary Committee and 37 involved investigations. No one is in the Chemical Dependency Program at this time. (2)New exams for credentialing are being written at this time. The questions are from a Mid-Atlantic group of states. (3)New protocols came out in July. Changes can be made to these as a county plan requires and after proper documentation is done. The new protocols must be implemented by July 1, 2013. (4)HB 837 requires taking a CPR class to graduate high school. This takes effect in 2015. (5)Finally but certainly not least, Gordon Joyner was nominated and received the Dr George Johnson Award. Gordon will be officially presented this at Emergency Medicine Today in Greensboro next month. Nominations are taken each year but not all years have a qualified applicant. This award is given in recognition for an individual that has given a lifetime of service to EMS across the state.

Fire & Rescue Commission:

Robert Poe; Fire and Rescue Commission meeting 4/10/12. (1) 1200 out of 1261 (95%) fire departments are reporting their incidents to OSFM. There were approx 695000 incidents reported in 2011. (2)There is legislation going to be introduced to add 1 more member to the Commission. This being from the International Association of Arson Investigators. (3)Rescue Officer program is still being developed. (4) 125th Fire Conference to be held in August.


Gordon Joyner; (1) There has been continuing discussions about state funding and possible solutions. (2)The next meeting is November 19, 2012.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Debbie Poe; Rhonda Stevens Reported. See Treasurer's Office Report.

Stroke Advisory Council:

Brent Meyers via email. The EMS focus from the Stroke Advisory Council is as follows: (1) Working on pilot projects to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch to all communities in NC. Options being considered include regional centers to provide the EMD as well as potential public/private partnerships with On-Star. The goal is to improve stroke screening at the 9-1-1 centers. (2) Working to improve availability of EMS units for urgent transfers to stroke centers. We are working to determine the magnitude of this problem -- "how many times is care delayed because of no transport unit?" (3)Both of these are in their initial stages -- will keep you updated regarding progress.

911 Board:

No Report

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Terry Foxx. (1)Met Life Program will be brought back up and the next Directors meeting for review and further discussion.

Finance Committee:

Gary Whitman Reporting; (1) Budget presented for information only. (2) Budget for FY 2013-2014 to be approved at the next Board of Directors Meeting.

Personnel Committee:

Jeff Hinshaw; No Report.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw; No report.

Constitution Committee:

Glenn Cowan; No Report.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx; (1) There have been issues with competition venues however they have been resolved and competition will be on the top level of the parking deck beside the hotel. (2)The Rescue Challenge is again separate from the BLS competition.

BLS Competition:

Terry Foxx & Allen Johnson (1) 14 BLS Teams scheduled to compete. (2) Everyone reminded of the times and to be on time or you will not be able to compete. (3) The BLS is once again stand alone and not combined with the Rescue Challenge Competition.

Training And Standards Committee:

Terry Foxx; (1) Working to complete re-inspections. (2) Updated Standards from March Directors meeting were placed on line July 01, 2012. (3) Please email any questions about equipment. (4) Association Members 25450, Aux 218, Individual Association 50, Individual BH 683, for a Total of 26401 Association Members. (5) BH Departments 219 with 5810 BH members, Individual BH members 683, Aux Departments 16 with 157 BH members, Auxiliary Associates 61 for a Total in the BH of 6711.

Special Committee Report:

Relief Fund Board:

Robert Poe. (1)Meets at each Directors Meeting and in between as necessary. (2) Continues to award over $1 Million dollars in scholarships each year. (3) Currently there are 2 LODD death that are being paid and 5 others that are awaiting final determination. (4)Encourage everyone to be safe.

Bone & Associates - Fred Bone:

A copy of the presentation is attached to the minutes in the office and available upon request.

Annual Meeting 2012:

Dwight McDowell; (1) Welcome and Hope everyone enjoys this year and has a good time.(2) Gordon Thanked PTAR & Staff for all their work with all the issues that have came up just prior to the meeting.

Annual Meeting 2013/2014:

Gordon Joyner; (1)2013 dates July 25-27 (2) 2014 dates August 07-09. (3) Location for the next 2 years will be at the Greenville Convention Center, Greenville NC.

New Business:


There being no further business the convention was adjourned.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official until approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for September 14-15, 2012

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