NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for March 25,2012


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
March 25, 2012
NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc., Office, Goldsboro, NC
Commander Robert Poe called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Carnie Hedgepeth.
Welcome: Robert Poe.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; Motion to allow BLS committee to be first committe to report by Bill Henderson; Second by Tim Pennell ; Motion Carried.
Guests recognized; Regina Godette-Crawford, Chief OEMS, Allen Johnson Interim-Eastern Regional Manager OEMS, and Todd Brown NCEM
Roll call showed 16 Directors, 1 Past Commander, Commander, Vice Commander, and Executive Director present.
Minutes of Directors meeting; Motion to approve Bill Henderson. Second by Gary Whitman. Motion Carried.
Minute of Convention Meeting; Motion to approve Bill Henderson. Second by Gary Whitman. Motion Carried.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:


Carnie Hedgepeth. Greetings from Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. (1) Programs under development Tower Rescue has completed final pilot in Fayetteville earlier in March and is to go to Rescue Committee, Certification Board, and Fire Rescue Commission for final approval possibly by July. (2) Rescue Officer is in progress and is now under Carnie. Objective have been laid out and lessons plans are approximately 3/4 complete and will soon be sent to Rescue Committee for review. Hope to have first class at the Rescue Association office. Arson Investigator is being created in order to move from a points based system to actual course work. (3) Currently there are 44 IFSAC certifications and that review period is starting over and currently reviewing how and time frames for updating programs. (4) NC Fire Rescue Instructors Conference is coming in May and will be celebrating 25 years of certification. (5) The Pocket Tools website has been update as well as other updates will be coming for other parts of the DOI OSFM website. (6) Question banks have been moved out of Research & Program development to the Fire & Rescue Commission side, so if there are questions about a test or test question, Kim and Brandy will be the contact for those.



Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

911 Board:

Fire & Rescue Commission:

Robert Poe. (1) NC Fire and Rescue Commission met on 10/11/11. (2) There was 1 LODD since the last meeting. (3) A report was given about the NC Volunteer Workers Comp Fund. Cloyce Anders stated that the fund was in good shape even though that the NC Legislature keeps cutting back funding every year. He also reported that out of the last 17 deaths , 16 were not wearing seat belts. (4) NC OSFM has several pocketools on their website. These are items of interest put together for personal training. (5) NC Fire and Rescue Commission met on 1/10/2012. (6) Report was given from Certification Board. Kevin Gordon was elected Chair and Terry Foxx elected Vice-Chair. (7) Two departments have received Direct Delivery status. (8) There were 7 In Line of Duty Deaths in 2011. Mike is already working on 1 LODD for 2012. (9) Report from VSWCF. The State has not kept up their part of funding as was promised when the program started. Several claims have developed higher than funding was originally reserved. The last 17 out of 18 deaths have been attributed to members not wearing a seat belt. The thought that emergency vehicles were exempt from the seat belt law has been ruled not true by the AG Office. (10) Hickory High School system is starting the firefighter program. (11) A Fire and Rescue benefit DVD is being developed. (12) The NC Dept of Community Colleges has developed a Fire and Rescue Committee. This committee is broken down into various parts for the different emergency agencies.

Certification Board:

Terry Foxx. (1) The Certification Board met at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on March 13, 2012. (2) The minutes of the previous meeting and agenda were approved. (3) Committee reports were read and approved. (4) The Board approved updates to the Policy and Procedures Manual, reviewed the Instructor qualification process, heard a presentation on Live Fire Requalification and reviewed several individual request. (5) The next meeting will be held at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on June 12, 2012 at 10:00 AM.

Rescue Committee (of the Certification Board):

Terry Foxx. (1) The Rescue Committee met at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on February 21, 2012. (2) Topics of discussion included the TR Water Rescue Crossover Program holding some classes on the weekends. (3) A Dive Rescue program was discussed and the committee wished to ask the Certification Board to appoint a committee to research the process. Those recommended for this committee to the Certification Board include: Joel Faircloth, Ken Hogue, Tom Billig, and Shannon Orndorff. Their charge, if approved by the Certification Board will be to research the feasibility of a Dive Rescue Standard and draft a plan as to how to implement the process. (4) Two requests for various certification levels were discussed and handled and as previously approved this is the final resumes that will be accepted as the sunset date was December 31, 2011. (5) The next meeting will be held at the Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on May 21, 2012 at 07:30 PM.

EMS Advisory Council:

Robert Poe. (1) EMS Advisory Council met on 11/8/2011. (2) Kim Sides gave an update on the Disciplinary Committee. To date they have interviewed 48 cases, 12 cases have actually had some problem. Out of the 12 3 have been resolved, 3 were suspended and the other 6 are still being processed. (3) All credentialing exams have been updated to be compliant with 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines. These take effect December 3, 2011. (4) Pediatric Transport course is now online. (5) The recommendation of the committee on child abuse reporting was that OEMS develop an education package. (6) All systems need a tracking mechanism. All child abuse cases must be reported either in person or by other means, (phone, e-mail etc). This does not need to be a formal report. (7) EMS Agencies need to go to local DSS and determine what child abuse is. (8) NCCEP documents available for review online December 1. (9) Lead the Wave equipment is being distributed. (10) EMS Advisory Council met on 2/14/2012. (11) OEMS is sending out surveys concerning education to EMS Medical Directors, Administrators, Training Officers and Students as well as Educational Institutions. A response is appreciated. (12) Discussion was held concerning who could hold a EMS credential. It was determined that registered sex offenders cannot get an EMS credential. (13) NCCEP Protocols are out for review. Comments will be accepted thru March 2. (14) Lead the Way grant is providing assistance for 27 counties and 108 agencies.

Stroke Advisory Council:

Dr. Hervy Kornegay for Dr. Brent Myers. (1) The North Carolina Stroke Care Collaborative has completed research that clearly defines the improvements associated with EMS pre-arrival activation related to acute stroke patients. This applies across the state, for the measures are time to CT being obtained and time to CT being interpreted, two of the most important measures to assure facts are available prior to a treatment decision. Over 40 minutes was saved in both time to imaging and time to interpretation, obviously clinically very meaningful when the goal is to make a treatment decision within 60 minutes of arrival in the ED. EMS providers should know the difference their evaluation and activation makes. (2) The million hearts campaign is being launched and NC is seeking to participate. This includes preventative services and other items with the goal of reducing one million cardiovascular events, including STEMI and stroke. NCAREMS may wish to add their name as a sponsor -- more information can be found at (3) Perhaps most importantly, the NC Stroke Care Collaborative is working toward an "acute stroke capable hospital" toolkit. This will be to assist facilities that do not qualify as "primary stroke centers" to provide appropriate, urgent intervention for stroke. They are recommending 5 key elements: (a) CT scan 24/7 with in-house technician (b) Ability to rapidly identify patients who would benefit from IV thrombolysis (c) Ability to provide the thrombolysis in a rapid manner (d) Accept all possible stroke patients, regardless of bed availability (e) Provides outcome and performance measure feedback to EMS, including case review. This last item produced a great deal of discussion. There was a strong argument against requiring EMS data to be shared by hospitals because of the difficulty with obtaining it and the time it takes to share it. It is my position (which I must admit I rather forcefully shared) that the "relationship with EMS" that is required by the joint commission to be a stroke center indeed implies there should be an exchange of information. At the conclusion of the discussion, it was noted that public comment period on these recommendations is now open. As your appointee to this committee, I recommend leadership and members of NCAREMS go to the website below and review this document. I ask that you contact DHHS in support of the provision to provide EMS feedback as described above. The web site is:

Volunteer Safety Worker's Comp Fund:

Gordon Joyer. (1) The February Meeting was canceled due to weather. (2) Next meeting May 21, 2012. (3) Fund is still solvent, however we are still having high claims. (4) State Budget for the fund is still an issue.

Committee Reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

(1) Motion from the committee to Promote Legal Shield on our website and make this program available to association membership. Second by Bill Henderson. Motion Carried. (2) Motion from the committee not to approve MET Life Group benefit program for promotion to the membership. Second by Bill Henderson. Motion Carried. Motion by Gary Whitman to table further decision about MET life until the next Director's meeting in order to gather more information. Second by Glen Cowan. Motion Carried. (3) Motion from the committee to Promote Woodmen of the World on our website and make their program available to association membership. Second by Ronnie Warrick. Motion Carried. (4) Motion from the committee to approve guest list.
Chief of OEMS & guest
Deputy of OSFM Fire & Rescue Training & guest
Director of EM and guest
President NCAR&EMS Auxiliary & guest
Director of Pension Fund & guest
Legal Advisor & guest
Medical Advisor & guest
Chaplain & guest
Parliamentarian & guest
NCAR&EMS Staff & guests
Members of the Council of State have an open invitation to attend our convention.
The Officers have the authority to authorize the payment of registration for the representatives of OSFM & OEMS.
Second by; Carnie Hedgepeth. Motion Carried. (5) Motion from the committee to be allowed to have a work session(s) to make recommendations to bring back to the next Director's meeting as the future convention/annual meeting. Second by Carnie Hedgepeth. Motion Carried.

Finance Committee:

Gary Whitman: (1) Motion to accept at Financial Audit year ending September 30, 2011, prepared by Markham, Mitchell, & Stroud, PLLC., Ron Watt. Second by David Stamey. Motion Carried. (2) Motion from committee to approve the Association Budget. Second by Ron Watt. Motion Carried. (3) Motion from the committee to approve the Brotherhood Budget. Second by Ron Watt. Motion Carried.

Personnel Committee:

Debbie Poe for Jeff Hinshaw. (1) Motion from the committee to renew contract for Executive Director with Gordon Joyner for four years. Second by Bill Henderson. Motion Carried.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw. (1) Motion from the committee to appoint the directors proposed for the new areas.(New map and list of Directors will be attached to minutes). Second by Jerry Cornelius. Motion Carried.

Constitution Committee:

Glen Cowan. Nothing to Report.

Rescue Competition:

Tim Pennell. (1) Will not have the Individual Competition this year. (2) The Challenge and BLS competition will be separated this year.

BLS Competition:

Terry Foxx & Allen Johnson. (1) BLS Competition will be held at the annual meeting, however it will be done separately and not in conjunction with the Craig Helms Challenge. (2) Allen Johnson with OEMS brought some new ideas to be considered which included equipment and a more scenario based competition. Motion from the committee that all skills could be used in the current EMT curriculum and to make the changes and updates to BLS equipment list as presented (Copy will be attached to the minutes on file). Second by Gary Whitman. Motion Carried. (3) BLS Judges School was held this morning and will be held again on July 21, 2012 in Greensboro.

Training & Standards:

Terry Foxx. (1) The training and standards committee met on Saturday, March 24 and reviewed some items for consideration to our standards that were not previously approved. This is a direct result of the ever changing technology of equipment that allows us to accept a variation of tools and equipment. All of the standards were reviewed for clarity, consistency, additions and deletions and these revisions will become effective on July 1, 2012. It should be noted that no additions that will cause purchasing of additional equipment were made. (2) We have completed many inspections at the time of the meeting but all agreed of the need to continue to work to complete the remainder by June 1, 2012 to allow us to start on the next cycle of re-inspections. Your Area Director should be in contact with you regarding your upcoming re-inspection. (3) Motion from committee to accept recommendations. Second by Jerry Cornelious. Motion Carried.

Relief Fund Board:

Robert Poe. (1) Disability payment for up to 6 months is $11.89/day. (2) Scholarship Applications are on line until March 31, 2012. As of March 19, there were 81 Children of member application submitted and 125 Member applications submitted. Be sure everyone is aware of the deadline.

Annual Meeting 2012:

Gordon Joyner. (1) Convention will be in High Point, September13-15, 2012. (2) The webpage will hope to be up in the near future due to changes in ownership at the convention center.

Annual Meeting 2013:

Robert Poe. Advisory Committee is to meet to make recommendations.


Motion to adjourn Ron Watt. Second by Bill Henderson. Motion Carried.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for March 25,2012

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