NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2010


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
February 21, 2010
NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc., Office, Goldsboro, NC
Commander Tommy McNeill called the meeting to order.
Invocation: Carnie Hedgepeth.
Welcome: Tommy McNeill.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; Motion by Scott McCaskill; Second by Glenn Cowan; Motion Carried.
Guests recognized; Drexdall Pratt Chief OEMS and wife, Dr. Hervy Kornegay Medical Director of NCAREMS.
Roll call showed 12 Directors, 2 Alternates, Commander, Vice Commander, and Executive Director present.
Minutes of Directors meeting; Motion to approve Scott McCaskill; Second by Terry Foxx; Motion Carried.
Minute of Convention Meeting; Motion to approve Scott McCaskill; Second by Terry Foxx; Motion Carried.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:



Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Henry Sermons / Terry Foxx Reporting. (1) The Certification Board met at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on December 9, 2009. (2) The Board was updated on the progress of the rewrites of the Technical Rescuer Standard. (3) Several certification/qualification packets were reviewed and recommendations made on their behalf. (4) Committee reports were read and accepted. (5) The Instructor qualification process and is being reviewed to get a better quality of instructor. (6) The next meeting will be held at Pinecroft Sedgefield FD on March 17, 2010 at 10:00 AM.

Rescue Committee:

EMS Advisory Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) An EMS Advisory Council meeting was held on 8/11/09. (2) Guidelines for treating and transporting Special Needs Children are online. (3) A meeting is forthcoming on the subject of Pediatric Interhospital Transfers. (4) A task force is being appointed to develop recommendations on the levels of credentialing in North Carolina. The national standard has changed now to include an Advanced EMT which is similar to NC EMT-I. (5) The task force on Data Release reported and their report was sent back to the committee for review. As their proposal currently reads information about the number of events, number of patients, patients age and gender, type of EMS event dispatch center times and ambulance response times will be released on a state level, regional level, a system level and an individual provider level. (6) An EMS Advisory Council meeting was held on 11/10/09. (7) NCCEP Protocols must be adopted by December 31 or OEMS will assume that you are adopting state protocols as written. (8) EMS Triage and Destination plans received a 3 month extension upon request. These have to be submitted by March 31, 2010. (9) The Chemical Dependency / Treatment Program passed the legislature. This is a program to assist technicians with alcohol problems and drug dependency. Currently the disciplinary committees cases are 47% chemical dependency. These includes alcohol/DUI, Marijuana, prescription. The committee is working to establish temporary rules by July 2010. They are working with the board of nursing who already has a program in place. (10) An EMS Advisory Council meeting was held on 2/10/2010. (11) HB 878 the Impaired Provider bill is still moving through the procedures. Hopefully it will be started by October 1 2010. Cost of the program will be between $4500 and $15000. A technician must be in the program for 3 years and may not work on a EMS unit for 3 months. (12) The Education Task Force is to meet in March with several topics to be looked at. Education accreditation, levels of credentialing are a couple of hot items. The committee is well represented with a cross of paid, volunteer, educators , and technicians. (13) In 2009 11108 persons enrolled in EMS education programs only 8707 completed and passed the classes. (14) A motion was made to grant an extension for the current protocol revisions that were due on December 31 and was give one extension to March 31, 2010.

Fire & Rescue Commission:


Gordon A. Joyner. (1) The fund continues to have high claims. (2) The state may pull back more money from the fund which may require an increase in premium. (3) The next meeting will be May 17, 2010.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Gordon Joyner for Howard Shaw. (1) Currently we are not anticipating an increase in payment. (2) The next board meeting will have the actuary report and will be held March 22, 2010.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Approval of the Annual Meeting guest list. Chief of OEMS & guest, Deputy of OSFM Fire & Rescue Training & guest, President NCAR&EMS Auxiliary & guest, Director of Pension Fund & guest, Legal Advisor & guest, Director of EM & guest, Medical Advisor & guest, Chaplain & guest, Parliamentarian & guest and NCAR&EMS Staff & guests. Members of the Council of State have an open invitation to attend our convention. The Officers have the authority to authorize the payment of registration for the representatives of OSFM & OEMS. Second by Scott McCaskill; Motion Carried. (2) Motion from Committee to pay the expenses for Gordon and Lena to Attend the National EMS Memorial Service in Colorado Springs, CO. Second Scott McCaskill. Motion Carried.

Finance Committee:

Henry Sermons / Gordon Joyner. (1) Accept Association and Brotherhood balance sheets as of 01-31-2010; Second by David Stamey; Motion Carried. (2) Approve 2010-2011 Association Budget; Second by Scott McCaskill; Motion Carried. (3) Approve 2010-2011 Brotherhood Budget; Second by Scott McCaskill; Motion Carried. (4) Accept the financial audit; Second by Terry Foxx; Motion Carried.

Legislative Committee:

Gordon Joyner. (1) A Future of Retirement Study commission is reviewing the retirement system and is suppose to have a report back to the legislature by November, so be aware changes may be coming. (2) NCSFA is working on a legislative day for June 01 and we have been invited, as an opportunity to go to the legislature and meet with your representatives.

Membership Committee:

Scott McCaskill. (1) 23 new departments. (2) Two closed (3) One Dropped Membership (4) One Merged. (5) 576 squads in Association. (6) 22,545 paid members. (7) 227 Squads in the Brotherhood with 5786 members, 696 individual members, total membership 6482. (8) Information about the roster statistics and demographics of our association presented. (9) Information presented about the amount of services provided by area.

Personnel Committee:

Robert Poe for Jeff Hinshaw. (1) Extend the Executive Director's Contract for four years. Second by Scott McCaskill. Motion Carried.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw. (1) All Directors elected in even numbered years will be up for election this year. (2) Applications for Area Directors need to be in by March 01, 2010 for Directors. At this time there are 5 areas that no one has filed in. (3) Last year there were 27 delegates out of the departments in our membership. Please encourage departments to send their delegates to the meeting.

Constitution Committee:

Standards and Training Committee:

Terry Foxx. (1) The training and standards committee met on November 22, 2009 in Asheboro. (2) A complete review of all standards is in progress. (3) The committee met again on February 20, 2010 in Goldsboro and reviewed the draft rewrites. (4) Several additional changes were made and the standards will be changed following that meeting. (5) Once all changes have been made the committee will review once again and the Standards will be placed online with tentative date being April 1, 2010.

Relief Fund Committee:

Gordon Joyner. (1) The Financial Statements, Audit, and Budget were approved for the Relief Fund. (2) Scholarship Application are available until March 31, 2010 at Midnight on line. (3) Scholarships have been lost because people have not followed the rules after numerous reminders of turning in grades. (4) Currently there have been around 200 that have applied so far this year.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx. (1) Competitions will be held at the Annual Meeting. (2) Judges School will be held March 6, 2010 in Asheboro for all teams. (3) A site visit has been made to the upcoming meeting site and the problem is being readied. (4) Technical Rescue Competition will be objective based and will be team oriented. (5) The Craig Helms Memorial Challenge and the Individual Competitions will also be held.

BLS Competition:

Allen Johnson. (1) The equipment list for the BLS will be changing to a list of items and not amounts. It will be at the discretion of the teams the amount they bring.

Annual Meeting 2010:

NCAREMS. Gordon A. Joyner. (1) April 22-24, 2010, Greenville Convention Center, Greenville, NC. (2) Contracts have been signed and we will be responsible for rooms not taken, so please encourage attendance. (3) All information is on the web page.

Annual Meeting 2011:

NCAREMS. Presentation made by Piedmont Triad for the Annual Meeting September 16-17, 2011. (1) Brochures were passed out with Annual Meeting Information for 2011. (2) The 2011 Annual Meeting will be promoted at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Greenville with a booth, prizes, and the entertainment with the Fantastic Shakers Saturday Night. (3) Prices will be reduced for registration and the motel prices are as low as could be gotten. (4) The Annual Meeting will be open to fire, rescue, and ems and hope to get antiques for display from all. (5) Everyone is encouraged to get everyone involved to help with attendance and suggestions. (6) More information will be forthcoming via mail and email.


Motion to adjourn Scott McCaskill; Second by Terry Foxx; Motion Carried.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2010

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