NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for January 21, 2007


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
January 21, 2007
Dunn Rescue Rescue Squad, 101 W Cumberland St Dunn NC
Commander Gary Whitman called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Bill Henderson.
Welcome; Commander and Dunn Rescue Chief Gary Whitman.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; motion by Herb Robinson; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.
Guests was recognized; Drexdal Pratt, Chief of OEMS
Roll call showed 13 Directors, 6 Alternates, Commander, Vice Commander, Executive Director and Parliamentarian present.
Minutes of Directors meeting; motion to approve by Bill Henderson ; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:




Mary Beth Young, NCEM. (1) Regional Response Teams received 1.35M in 06 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) funding spilt evenly between all 7 teams. USAR received 2.5 M; 600K each to Raleigh, Greensboro and Charlotte; 200 K for the remaining 8 teams. 488 K for training. (2) Swift Water Rescue Teams were provided 440 K from General Assembly 06-07 (non-reoccurring funds). (3) 328 K for Helo capability upgrade and training. 112 K for equipment, allows $4800 grant to each Swift Water Rescue Team. (4) The Co-location Animal Mobile Equipment Trailer (CAMET) is being prepared for deployment. The State has 5 trailers, each capable of supporting at least 50 companion animals (Pets). Training is to begin in February for EM and Vets across Central and Eastern NC. (Presented at the Chief BOD Meeting).


Drexdal Pratt, Chief OEMS. (1) OEMS will seek legislation to allow background checks on EMS personnel. (2) Reviewing all EMS rules for any necessary revisions. (3) Duke Endowment Block Grant for tool kits on trauma and developing a quicker response kit for slow resoponse areas. (4) Catastrophe responses received a lot of attention in 2006. (5) EMS workforce committee continueing to gather information. (6) Over 32,000 certified personnel and only about 17,000 are working.

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Terry Foxx. (1) The Certification Board met on October 11 at Gaston College in conjunction with Breathing Equipment School. Members and guests were invited to tour the training facility and have lunch with the participants and instructors. (2) Chairman Hanline was scheduled to have surgery on Monday October 16th. (3) David Reeves presented the minutes from the Rescue Sub-Committee that was held on October 10th at 7:30 PM at Gaston College. Minutes of the Rescue Sub-Committee were approved. (4) Discussion was held regarding the certification and recertification in regards to the specialty courses being developed and piloted across the state. (5) Henry Sermons moved the Chair of the Certification Board appoint a committee of 3 members of the Rescue Sub-Committee to work with staff to develop a process for specialty classes both for certification and qualification, to be presented to the Rescue Sub-Committee members one week prior to the next regular meeting of the Sub-Committee. Second by Terry Foxx; motion approved. (6) Chairman Hanline appointed David Reeves, Anita Cox, and Terry Foxx to work with OSFM Staff. (7) Henry Sermons requested that Staff have packet to Rescue Sub-Committee about a week before the meeting so Committee may have time to review. (8) Steve Sloan updated the Sub Committee on Farm Medic and stated that due to some copywrite issues that we could not use the Farm Medic Program, and we were going to start over with the Agriculture Rescue Program and develop our own North Carolina program. (9) Draft Agricultural Rescue Program was presented for review.

Rescue Sub-Committee:

Terry Fox. Report given in the Certification Board report.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Fire & Rescue Commission:


Gordon Joyner. (1) The fund is sound. (2) Legislature approved 4.5 million dollars for 2006-2007. (3) Going to and from work is not covered under workers' compensation. (4) Loss control prevention activities are center around vehicle safety and response. (5) VFSWC
has three hour program in loss prevention that is presented to departments. (6) Key Risk has set up a bill review committee and the committee has saved over $400,000.oo in over billing. (7) Next meeting 2-19-2007 in Greensboro.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Gordon Joyner for Howard A. Shaw. (1) New number 800 508-9110. (2) Pension benefit is now $163.00. (3) Board will ask for a $2.00 increase in the retirement from the gains in the fund. (4) Board asked staff to research changes needed to allow part time workers to receive their pensions. (5) Staff will report back to the Board.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Convention guest list. Chief of OEMS & guest, Deputy of OSFM Fire & Rescue Training & guest, President NCAR&EMS Auxiliary & guest, Director of Pension Fund & guest, Legal Advisor & guest, Director of EM & guest, Medical Advisor & guest, Chaplain & guest, Parliamentarian & guest and NCAR&EMS Staff & guests. Members of the Council of State have an open invitation to attend our convention. The Officers have the authority to authorize the payment of registration for the representatives of OFSM & OEMS. Second by Henry Sermons; motion carried. (2) IRS mileage rates and perdiem policy are in your package. (3) 50th Anniversary gun raffle second by Herb Robinson; motion carried. (4) Committee appointed: Billy Sparks Chair, members are Robert Poe, Scott McCaskill, Gary Whitman, and Gordon Joyner.

Finance Committee:

Henry Sermons. (1) Accept NCAR&EMS balance sheets as of 12-31-2006; Billy Winn; motion carried. (2) Accept Brotherhood balance for 12-31-2006; second Billy Winn; motion carried. (3)Motion to accept the audit report for 2006; second Herb Robinson; motion carried. (4) Motion to approve proposed budget for the Association to inclue $10.00 increase in unit dues and $2.00 increase in membership dues; second Scott McCaskill; motion carried. (5) Motion to approve proposed budget for the Brotherhood, second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Legislative Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) Legislative session starts 1-24-2007. (2) Continuing to working on: (a) providing 25 year retirement for law enforcement officers, career firefighters, and career emergency medical services workers. (b)providing parity for career firefighters and rescue squad workers. Same as law enforcement.
(c) Increase in pension fund. (3) Will ask Fire Grants be compartable to the Rescue Grants.

Membership Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Twelve new departments. (2) 541 squads in Association. (3) 21,119 paid members. (4) 236 Squads in the Brotherhood with 5464 members, 596 individual members, total membership 6060. (5) All standards are being reviewed to comply with typing of resources as required by NIMS. Should be online in a few days.(6) All standards are online at our web site.

Personnel Committee:

Jeff Hinshaw: (1) Position authorized at the 10-1-2006 meeting has been filled. (2) Search has been conducted for the Deputy Executive Directors position and a very qualified person has been found.
Position has been offered to this individual and if accepted will come on board April 1st, 2007.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw. (1) All Directors elected in odd numbered years will be up for election this year. (2) Names were called.(3)Applications will be online by February 1st and must be returned by March 1st.(4) Reminded Board that we would elect Commander and Vice Commander this year.

Constitution Committee:

Glenn Cowan. Advise there has not been any recommended changes.

Relief Fund Committee:

Gary Whitman. (1) Grade reports must be in by February 10th, 2007. If not, scholarship will be forfeited. (2) Scholarship applications will be online 01-01-2007 - 03-31-2007. They must be completed online, and submitted to the office by March 31st along with the proper documentation.(3) We will award a total 150 scholarships this year. (4) We have 420 active scholarships. (5) Disability is figured at 10% of the average industrial wage for NC. Note this is disability and not workers compensation, member must be unable to work.(6) Proposed budget was approved.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx. (1) Competition will be in Hickory at the HMCC property. (2) OSFM will assist with the competition which will involve agricultural rescue . (3) Rescue Judge's Evaluation will be held March 31st, 2007 at Alexander Rescue & EMS. (4) Judges entry deadline 3-15-07. (5) Deadline for Rescue & Greg Alan Helms Memorial Rescue Challenge entries 5-1-2007. (4) All applications will be online. (6) A safety team will be implemented to monitor the over all competition.

BLS Competition:

Tommy McNeill. (1) BLS evaluation had 11 persons. (2) New BLS evaluation tape was used. (3) Make sure the victims eat before they come to competition. (5) Any problems or comments must be directed to the officers.(6) Next BLS evaluation March 31st, 8:00AM Alexander Rescue & EMS.

Special Committees:

Long Range Planning Committee: Anita Cox. (1) Committee reviewed site plan. (2) Committee was advised the engineers were working on the site plan to make the necessary changes as requested by the planning board. (3) Motion from committee to proceed with the plans; motion carried.

Convention 2007:

Catawba County Rescue Association. Phillip Killian. (1) June 21-22-23, 2007 in Hickory, NC. (2) All information will be put on Catawba County and NCAR&EMS web pages. (3) Seminars will be held on Thursday from 12-5:30 to include Burn Injuries, Sports Injuries and Risk Management by VSWCF representative. (4) Family fun night on Thursday night. (5) DJ for Friday night. (6) Band for Saturday night.

Convention 2008:

Catawba County Rescue Association. Phillip Killian. (1) June 19-20-21, 2008 in Hickory, NC. (2) Will try to improve from 2007 Convention.

New Business:

Commander Gary Whitman announced he would be a candidate for Commander.


Motion to adjourn by Herb Robinson; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for January 21, 2007

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