NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for January 22, 2006


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
January 22, 2006
Wilson County Rescue Squad, 1902 S. Tarboro St, Wilson
Commander Gary Whitman called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Chaplian Dean Wall.
Welcome; Bob Davis, Chief of Wilson County Rescue Squad.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; motion by Bill Henderson; second by Terry Foxx; motion carried.
Guests were recognized; Wilburn Small
Roll call showed 15 Directors, 5 Alternates, Commander, Vice Commander, and Executive Director and Parliamentarian present.
Minutes of Directors meeting; motion to approve by Bill Henderson ; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:



Darlene Johnson, NCEM. (1) Went over the personnel changes in NC Emergency Management within the last 6 months. Doug Hoell was promoted from Operations Chief to Division Director. Mike Sprayberry was hired as Deputy Director/Logistics Chief. Phil Myers was hired as Operations Chief to fill Doug Hoell's position. Amy Ikerd has replaced Abby Moore as the new Regional Response Team (RRT) Program Manager. Darlene Johnson also advised that she was promoted in November to EOC Manager/Deputy Operations Chief and that Mary Beth Young had been promoted into her old position and was now the new Emergency Services Coordinator. Darlene introduced Mary Beth to the group, advised Mary Beth has 19 yrs of service in Fire and Rescue as a volunteer and will start back to school at the end of the month (Jan.) to get her EMT certification back. Darlene also mentioned that Mike Guzo, the Asst. Emergency Services Coord./Search and Rescue Coordinator had left NCEM to take a position in Roanoke, VA as their Emergency Services Director, beginning Feb. 1, 2006. (2) Announced that the NCEM Spring Conference will be held at Sea Trails in Sunset Beach this year on March 5th - 7th, 2006. (3) There will be a planning meeting in Pinehurst Feb. 1-3 with the SERT partners to go over the 2006 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP). This year NC will have to put together a plan/application of how much money they want and what the monies will be used for. Homeland Security is no longer giving out the money to States based on population, each state now has to complete a "Program and Capability Review" which HSGP will then determine how much monies the state will receive.


Anita Cox, OEMS. (1) HRSA Grants; first draft due to OEMS BT Specialist and RAC BT Planner. (2) Final HRSA Grants due into OEMS by January 30th. (2) SMAT II and SMAT III units along with over 800 personnel were deployed to Mississippi. (3) Logistics was a major problem. (4) OEMS HRSA program is looking at adding additional equipment for RAC's and at state level for SMAT II & III field support for response. (4) Working EMS Systems into SMART/NC reporting systems for data on response capabilities. (5) In process of conducting eight in RAC's pandemic flu exercises using web and telephon interface. (6) Two have been conducted at Duke and New Hanover Regional. (7) Everyone is invited to participate.

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Terry Foxx. (1) Meets quarterly (2) Met 10-19-2005 at Pincroft-Sedgefield Fire Dept in Greensboro. (3) Topics discussed were revisions to Chapter 5 of RT General to include updates that were approved by the Rescue Sub-Committee, (4), The Agricultural Rescue Program was discussed along with updates concerning Regional Testing. (5) The January meeting was canceled due to lack of business.(6) Next meeting 4-24-2006 in Greensboro.

Rescue Sub-Committee:

Terry Fox. Report given in the Certification Board report.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) Met November 9, 2005. (2) NCCEP changes for protocols, policies and procedures are online. (3) August 31, 2006 is the deadline for all systems to make changes and submit them back to OEMS. Most changes are very minor. (4) A WMD Treatment protocol has been added. (5) An AED grant is available for rural agencies including law enforcement. This is for $192,000.00. (6) Sixty (60) manikins were purchased and are to be distributed to community colleges. The manikins can simulate injuries and some diseases. They cost $15,000.00 each. (7). A work group is being formed to look at the problem of low numbers of students taking classes and the lack of technicians.

Fire & Rescue Commission:


Gordon Joyner. (1) The fund is sound. (2) Legislature approved 2 million dollars for 2005-2006 and 4.5 million for 2006-2007. (3) With proper training, most claims could be prevented. (4) Our safety programs seem to be helping to reduce claims. (5) Departments with several claims will be worked with to make sure they have a safety program and a safety officer. (6) Next meeting 2-20-2006 in Greensboro.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Gordon Joyner for Howard A. Shaw. (1) New number 800 508-9110. (2) Pension benefit is now $163.00. (3) Howard A. Shaw re-appointed to the Pension Board. (4) Next meeting scheduled for 2-23-2006 at the State Treasurers' Office.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Convention guest list. Chief of OEMS & guest, Deputy of OSFM Fire & Rescue Training & guest, President NCAR&EMS Auxiliary & guest, Director of Pension Fund & guest, Legal Advisor & guest, Director of EM & guest, Medical Advisor & guest, Chaplain & guest, Parliamentarian & guest and NCAR&EMS Secretaries & guests. Members of the Council of State have an open invitation to attend our convention. The Officers have the authority to authorize the payment of registration for the representatives of OFSM & OEMS. Second by Bill Henderson; motion carried. (2)IRS mileage rates are in your package. (3)Motion to name the Rescue Challenge, The Gregg A. Helm Memorial Rescue Challenge; second Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Finance Committee:

Gary Whitman for Henry Sermons. (1) Accept NCAR&EMS balance sheets as of 12-31-2005; second Terry Foxx; motion carried. (2) Accept Brotherhood balance for 12-31-2005; second Terry Foxx; montion carried. (3)Motion to accept the audit report for 2005; second Scott McCaskill; motion carried. (4) Motion to approve proposed budget for the Association; second Bill Henderson; motion carried. (5) Motion to approve proposed budget for the Brotherhood, second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Legislative Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) Volunteer Safety Workers' Compensation; $2,000,000, 2005 - 2006 and $4,500,000, 2006 - 2007. (2). Continuing to working on: (a) Senate Bill 648 & H Bill 709; provides 25 year retirement for law enforcement officers, career firefighters, and career emergency medical services workers. (b) Senate Bill 710 & H Bill 763; provides parity for career firefighters and rescue squad workers. Same as law enforcement.

Membership Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Nine new departments. (2) 526 squads in Association. (3) 20,679 paid members. (4) 230 Squads in the Brotherhood with 5263 members, 595 individual members, total membership 5850. (5) All standards are being reviewed to comply with typing of resources as required by NIMS. (6) All standards are online at our web site.

Personnel Committee:

Jeff Hinshaw: (1) Position for Deputy Executive Director has been advertised. (2) Interviews will be held next week. (3) Announcement should be made on Janurary 30th. (4) Motion to extend the Executive Directors contract by four years; second by Bill Henderson; motion carried.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw. (1) Approved three alternate directors, Joel Faircloth for Area III, Henry Butts and Ronnie Warrick for Area IV. (2) All Directors elected in even numbered years will be up for election next year. (3) Applications will be sent out by February 1st and must be returned by March 1st.

Constitution Committee:

Gordon Joyner for Glenn Cowan. (1) Glenn is on a cruise. (2) He advised there has not been any recommended changes.

Relief Fund Committee:

Gary Whitman. (1) Grade reports must be in by February 10th, 2006. If not, scholarship will be forfeited and given to someone else. (2) Scholarship applications will be online 01-01-2006 - 03-31-2006. They must be filled out online, down loaded and submitted to the office by March 31st along with the proper documentation.(3) We will award a total 140 schcolarships this year. (4) We have 420 active scholarships plus 1 LOD scholarship for a total of 421. (5) Disability is figured at 10% of the average industrial wage for NC. Note this is disability and not workers compensation, member must be unable to work. (6) If anyone questions you about SAT Scores the program has changed. A perfect score is now 2400 and compared to the old format of a maxmium of 1600. (7) Proposed budget was approved.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx. (1) Competition will be in Winston Salem at the airport property. (2) Winston Salem Rescue will assist with the competition which will envolve vehicle extrication . (3) Rescue Judge's Evaluation will be held May 6, 2006 at Winston Salem Rescue Squad. (4) Judges entry deadline 5-1-06. (5) Deadline for Rescue & Greg Alan Helms Memorial Rescue Challenge entries 5-1-2006. (4) All applications will be online.

BLS Competition:

Tommy McNeill/Allen Johnson. (1) BLS evaluation had 6 persons. (2) New BLS evaluation tape was used. (3) Eastern OEMS Office is handling the problem. (4) Make sure the victims eat before they come to competition. (5) Any problems or comments must be directed to the officers.

Special Committees:

Long Range Planning Committee: Anita Cox. (1) Hope to close on property next week. (2) Property that was shown as lot #9 on the map. (3) Developer will do sidewalks, required landscaping, curb and gutter and pave streets. (4) There are no covenants that will affect what we plan to build. (5) Once we close we can start to draft a proposed building.

Convention 2006:

Association. Gordon A. Joyner. (1) June 23-24-25, 2006 in Winston Salem, NC. (2) Hotel contracts have been signed. (3) All information is on the web page. (4) Party Time-Party Time DJ on Friday and Saturday nights.

Convention 2007:

Catawba County Rescue Association. Phillip Killian. (1) June 21-22-23, 2007 in Hickory, NC. (2) Contracts have been signed (3) All information will be put on the web page. (4) Convention Center has expanded.

New Business:



Motion to adjourn by Scott McCaskill; second by Vince Stone; motion carried.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for January 22, 2006

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