NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2005


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
September 18, 2005
Ashe County Rescue Squad, West Jefferson NC
Commander Gary Whitman called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Bill Hendedrson.
Welcome; Larry Rhodes, Chairman Ashe County Board of Commissioners.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; motion by Scott McCaskill; second by Bill Henderson; motion carried.
Guests were recognized; none
Roll call showed 14 Directors, 5 Alternates, Commander, Vice Commander, and Executive Director present.
Minutes of Directors meeting; motion to approve by Henry Sermons; second by Terry Foxx; motion carried.
Minutes of 49th Annual Convention; motion to approve by Henry Sermons; second by Bill Henderson; motion carried.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:


SERT Operations. No report.


SERT Operations. No report.


Anita Cox, OEMS. (1) Carolina MED-1 mobile hospital, four SMAT II and three SMAT III units along with 89 personnel were deployed to Waveland Mississippi. (2) Security was a major problem. (3) Five people completed the BLS Judge's Evaluation on September 17th.

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Henry Sermons / Terry Foxx. (1) Meets quarterly (2) Next meeting 10-19-2005 at Pincroft-Sedgefield Fire Dept in Greensboro.

Rescue Sub-Committee:

Terry Fox. (1) Next meeting 10-18-2005 in Greensboro.(2) All certified ERT's will be granted Chapter Six Rope Certification. (3) Instructors who took the rope pilot will be qualified to teach the course. (4) Other speciality areas are nearing completion and pilot programs are being held. (5) If you have any input on the standards, please get the information to one of the officers.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) Met 08-09-2004. (2) Four policy-making public meetings held to get input about the EMS System.(3) All departments must be NIMS compliance. (4) NIMS 700 & 800 are online. (5) EMS System protocals must be updated by August 2006. (6) EMSC received new Federal funding. (7) AED Grants for 2005 are available. Ambulance providers will have first priority for defibrillators then QRV's and First Responders.

Fire & Rescue Commission:

Robert Poe. (1) Meeting for July was canceled. (2) Next meeting 10-12-2005 in Greensboro.


Gordon Joyner. (1) The fund is sound. (2) Legislature approved 2 million dollars for 2005-2006 and 4.5 million for 2006-2007. (3) With proper training, most claims could be prevented. (4) Our safety programs seem to be helping to reduce claims. (5) Departments with several claims will be worked with to make sure they have a safety program and a safety officer. (6) Robert Poe has been appointed to the VSWCF Board of Directors.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Gordon Joyner for Howard A. Shaw. (1) New number 800 508-9110. (2) Pension benefit is now $163.00. (3) Letter sent to Governor to re-appoint Howard A. Shaw to the Pension Board.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Approved job description for Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director as recommended by the Personnel Committee. (2) Approved changes in Personnel Policy. (3) Informed the Board of the changes for the American Income Program. Will go to $2000.00 for accidential death. Dropped the benefit for spouse and children. (4) NCAR&EMS subsistence rates, our per-diem policy as well as the IRS mileage rates are in your package. (5) Appointed committee to revamp convention. Henry Sermons Chair, members, David Pease, Jeff Hinshaw, Robert Poe, Terry Foxx, Bill Henderson, Jerry Bradshaw and Phillip Killan. (6) Motion to name the Old & Goldies Competition the Durwood Evans Classic; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried.

Finance Committee:

Henry Sermons. (1) Accept NCAR&EMS balance sheets as of 8-31-2005; second by Scott McCaskill; motion carried. (2) Accept Brotherhood balance for 8-31-2005; second by Bill Henderson; montion carried.

Legislative Committee:

Membership Committee:

Tommy McNeill. (1) Three new departments. (2) 521 squads in Association. (3) 21,692 paid members. (4) 230 Squads in the Brotherhood with 5203 members, 589 individual members, total membership 5792. (5) All standard are being reviewed and will look at typing of resources to comply with NIMS. (6) All standards are online at our web site.

Personnel Committee:

Tommy McNeill for Jeff Hinshaw: All the recomendations for job descriptions and the Personnel Policy were approved in the Advisory Committee.

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw. (1) Approved alternate director for Area X. (2) All Directors elected in even numbered years will be up for election next year. (3) Applications will be sent out by February 1st and must be returned by March 1st.

Constitution Committee:

Gordon Joyner for Glenn Cowan. No report.

Relief Fund Committee:

Gary Whitman. (1) Grade reports must be in by February 10th, 2005. If not scholarship will be forfeited and given to someone else. (2) Scholarship applications will be online 01-01-2006. They must be filled out online, down loaded and submitted to the office by March 31st along with the proper documentation.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx. (1) Competition will be in Winston Salem and we will make a site visit. (2) Winston Salem Rescue will assist with the competition. (3) Rescue Judge's Evaluation will be held May 6, 2006 at Winston Salem Rescue Squad. (4) Judges entry deadline 5-1-06. (5) Deadline for Rescue & Rescue Challenge entries 5-1-2006. (4) All applications will be online.

BLS Competition:

Tommy McNeill/Anita Cox. (1) BLS evaluation had 5 persons. (2) New BLS evaluation tape was used. (3) Western OEMS Office is handling the problem. (4) Any comments should be directed to the officers.

Special Committees:

Long Range Planning Committee: Anita Cox. (1) Motion from committee to purchase the property that was shown as lot #9 on the map; seconded by Bill Henderson; motion carried. (2) Will have a draft of the proposed new office building for the January meeting.

Convention 2006:

Association. Gordon A. Joyner. (1) June 23-24-25, 2006 in Winston Salem, NC. (2) Hotel contracts have been signed. (3) All information will be put on the web page. (4) Party Time-Party Time DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. (4) All information will be online in about six weeks and will be linked to web site on our web page. ( Hotel, Competition Entries, Registration and Schedules will be online.

Convention 2007:

Catawba County Rescue Association. Phillip Killian. (1) June 23-24-25, 2007 in Hickory, NC. (2) Contracts have been signed (3) All information will be put on the web page.

New Business:



Motion to adjourn by Terry Foxx; second by Vince Stone; motion carried.


Gordon A. Joyner/Executive Director

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2005

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