Meeting Minutes for September 24 - 25, 2004


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
September 24, 2004
Adams' Mark Hotel Winston Salem NC
Commander Robert Poe called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Chaplain Dean Wall.
Welcome was given by Commander Robert Poe.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; motion by Bill Henderson; second by Crystal McCaskill; motion carried.
Roll call of voting delegates by Jerry Bradshaw and Dorothy Cavenaugh.
Resolution Committee was introduced; Chair Randy Skinner, members Jerry Bradshaw, Dean Grigg and Harold James.
Guests were recognized; Drexdal Pratt Chief OEMS and staff. Larry Hughes Deputy Commissioner of Insurance OSFM and staff. Mike Hill with VSWCF. Rhonda Stevens, Fire Rescue Pension Fund Coordinator and husband Chuck. State Treasurer Richard Moore, Chairman of the Fire & Rescue Pension Fund recognized Vice Chairman Howard A. Shaw and Coordinator Rhonda Stevens for their service to the Board. (1) He stated the fund was very sound. (2) New 800 number has cut the hold time down from 50 minutes to 30 seconds. (3) $3.00 increase in benefits this year. (4) Should be enough for an increase next year.

Old Business:


Commander Poe recommended Honorary Life Membership for Jerry Bradshaw, Dean Grigg and Harold James. All were elected to Honorary Life Membership.

Agency Reports:


Larry Hughes, Deputy Commissioner of Insurance OSFM; (1) Steve Sloan new Deputy Director with the Fire & Rescue Commission. (2) Kim Williams handles certifications. (3) Mike Williams resigned and is working with the Harnett County Sheriff Department. (4) Rescue College will be February 11-13, 2005 and Feburary 25-27, 2005 at Gaston Community College. (5) Joe Burris and Richard Caudill have been to Oman to teach The Royal Fire Department the Rescue Technician Program. (6) Working on upgrading the RT standard with some missing skills. (7) RT standard has been IFSAC accredited.


No report due to SERT activation.


Drexdal Pratt Chief of OEMS. (1) Working with other agencies on hurricane response. (2) H & H has received 13.4 million grant, details to follow. (3) SMAT Teams have been selected. (4) Display and demonstration will be at EMS Today. (5) Public meetings went well and OEMS is still open for comments.

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Terry Foxx for Henry Sermons; (1) Next meeting 10-27-2004. (2) ERT extended until 12-31-2004. (3) All classes must be completed and tested by 12-31-2004.

Rescue Sub-Committee:

Terry Fox; (1) Meets quarterly. (2) Next meeting 10-26-2004 at Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Dept. in Greensboro.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Drexdal Pratt Chief of OEMS / Robert Poe. (1) Several appointments coming up in November including, Robert Poe. (2) Trauma Task Force will make their report. (3) Epinephrine issue will not go the the medical board. (4) Chem Pack will most affect the hospitals.

Fire & Rescue Commission:

Robert Poe. (1) Most legislation was discussed. (2) You can request a safety inspection for your department. Contact Mike Hill with VSWCF.


Dean Wall/Mike Hill; (1) Cloyce Anders is chair and Jerry Bradshaw, Gordon A. Joyner and Dean Wall are on the Board. (2) The fund is in its 9th year and is very sound. (3) Lost 4.5 million from Legislature this year. (4) 1226 member departments covering over 42,000 members. (5) 93% are volunteers, 4% part-time and 3% are paid personnel. (6) Board is pro-active in preventing injuries; 3 losses in a year will trigger an administrative review. (7) The simplest thing to save money on claims is to make sure they are reported within 24 hours. (8) Strains and sprains are the leading cause of claims. (9) Our safety programs seem to be helping reduce claims. (10) Departments who have a lot of claims will be worked with to make sure they have good safety programs and a safety officer.

Fire & Rescue Pension Fund Board:

Vice Chairman Howard A. Shaw and Pension Fund Coordinator: Rhonda Stevens Director of The Fire & Rescue Pension Fund: (1) New number 800 508-9110. (2) Raleigh map in package showed location of office. (3) Good to see faces from the people who call. (4) Have brochure with Pension Fund information. (5) Fund started in 1959 and we came on board in 1982. (6) Pension benefit is now $161.00. (7) 32,166 members in the fund, but only 3,064 are on the rescue side. (7) Oldest person drawing on the fire side is 107 and on the rescue side is 82 years old.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Gary Whitman; motion to move the convention from September to June each year. Second by Terry Foxx; motion carried.

Finance Committee:

Gordon A. Joyner for Henry Sermons; (1) Budget presented for information only. (2) Budget approved at the June Board of Directors Meeting.

Legislative Committee:

Gordon A. Joyner for Henry Sermons; (1) List of legislation is in the package. (2) HB 847 providing $3000 tax relief for fire, rescue and ems did not pass. (3) During disasters make sure you are aware of your job protection if you are called out. The Governor must declare a state of emergency. (4) Contact the office for copies of the bills. (5) Go to our web site for full details on any legislation, Federal or State.

Membership Committee:

Gary Whitman; (1) 12 New squads in 2004, 523 Squads in the Association. (2) Total membership 21,015. (3) 11 Lifetime Members. (4) 4 Emeritus Members. (5) 55 Associate Members. (6) 559 Individual Members. (7) Total membership 21,633. (8) 236 departments in the Brotherhood 5,270 Members. (9) 559 Individual Members. (10) Total membership 5,829.

Publicity & Public Relations Committee:

Gary Whitman; (1) Keep the media informed about your operations. (2) Newspaper and TV stations were sent press releases for the convention.

Personnel Committee:

Sprunt Hall; No Report.

Resolutions Committee:

Randy Skinner; Motion to accept by Randy Newman. Second by Glenn Cowan; Motion carried. Jeff Hinshaw. (Attachment #1)

Credentials Committee:

Jerry Bradshaw / Dorothy Cavenaugh. (1) The committee certified that the delegates were qualified. (2) The Credentials Committee certified the election for the area Directors and they have been notified. (3) Election for Commander and Vice Commander will be held next year.

Constitution Committee:

Glenn Cowan; All changes that were proposed were administrative and have been made.

Mutual Aid Committee:

Robert Poe; (1) Several mutual aids during year. (2) I-40 Reversal is still in effect.

Relief Fund Committee:

Robert Poe; (1) Your package contains benefits available to members and most of these benefits come from the relief fund. (2) Will continue working on increasing benefits.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxx; (1) Eleven teams competed in Rescue Challenge. (2) Seven teams will compete in Rescue Competition. (3) Would like to thank OSFM for their help in putting on the competition.

BLS Competition:

Gary Whitman; (1) 19 teams in competition. (2) Please adhere to the schedule. (3) Thanks to OEMS and Allen Johnson who was the liaison for the competition.

Special Committees:

Long Range Planning Committee; Anita Cox gave an update on the workings of the committee.

Convention 2004:

Gordon A. Joyner; (1) We are here and things seem to going well. (2) Works much better with the Convention Center and the hotel under the same management.

Convention 2005:

Gordon A. Joyner; Adam's Mark Winston Plaza, Winston-Salem, June 24-25 2005.

New Business:


There being no further business the convention was adjourned.


Gordon A. Joyner/Secretary-Treasurer

(Not official until approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for September 24 - 25, 2004

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