NCAR&EMS Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for June 29, 2003


NC Association of Rescue & EMS, Inc.
June 29, 2003
Ashe County Rescue, West Jefferson NC
Commander Robert Poe called the meeting to order.
Invocation was given by Chaplain Dean Wall.
Welcome was given by County Manager Dan MacMillian.
The Auxiliary was excused for their meeting.
Adoption of order of business; motion by Scott McCaskill; second by Vince Stone; motion carried
Guests were recognized: Dexdal Pratt Chief of OEMS, Darlene Johnson Emergency Services Coordinator with Emergency Management, OSFM Certification Specialist Wayne Bailey, and Joe Burris OSFM Fire & Rescue Training Specialist.
Roll call showed 16 Directors, 6 Alternates, Commander, Vice Commander, and Secretary-Treasureer present.

Old Business:


Agency Reports:


Joe Burris will cover in the Rescue Competition report.


Darlene Johnson, Emergency Services Coordinator. (1) Major flooding in Charlotte. (2) Dam break in Hope Mills. (3) I-95 shut down for 26 hours. (4) Homeland security grants for 2003, $13.9 million, 80% to counties, 20% to state. 2003 supplemental grants $36.8 million and majority will go to the counties. (5) Reparation was held in Charlotte. (6) 4 USAR classes have been held with about 350 people.


Drexdal Pratt Chief of OEMS. (1) H & H has received 13.4 million. $10 million will go to the communities. 75% will go to the hospitals. 25% to the counties. (2) Needs assessment will be conducted late summer for EMS. (3) Asking for $400,000 in AED grants. First grant met the immediate needs and this will provide AED's to fire departments, first responders and law enforcement. (4) System plans must be in by 7-1-2004

Boards & Commission Representative Reports:

Certification Board:

Henry Sermons. (1) meets quarterly (2) next meeting 7-23-2003 at Pincroft-Sedgefield Fire Dept. in Greensboro

Rescue Sub-Committee:

Terry Fox. (1) ERT Assessment Centers. (2) Sampson Community College, 8-22-23-24, 2003. Locals have until 7-11-2003 to apply, after that it will be open to others with a final cut off of 8-1-2003. (3) Southwestern Community College, 9-19-20-21, 2003. Local have until 8-1-2003 to apply, after that it will be open to others with a final cut off of 8-15-2003. (4) ERT rewrite to comply with 2003 edition of NFPA 1006. (5) Upgrades for Instructors are required and they will have to maintain upgrade and re-qualify every five years. (6) Next meeting July 22, 2003 in Greensboro.

EMS Advisory Committee:

Drexdal Pratt Chief of OEMS / Robert Poe. (1) New rules require each state to adopt National curriculum or some version of it to comply with reciprocity. (2) NC will have its own EMS-I curriculum. (3) New curriculum test must be validated. (4) Data tast force has been appointed. Will look at the National data sets. (5) Providers will be required to report effective 7-1-2004.

Fire & Rescue Commission:

Robert Poe. (1) Most legislation was discussed. (2) Incident report survey was to be made in June. (3) Federal Government may start credentialing of Fire and Rescue Personnel. (4) Five different courses being developed on Bio-Terrorism. Modules would be 4-6 hours. (5) ICS Command. Presidential directive V orders that all agencies use the ICS.


Dean Wall. (1) The fund is sound. (2) Rates will be the same. (3) Reinsurance is getting more difficult to obtain. (4) Make sure your squad has sent in their renewal, if not on 7-1-2003 you will have no workers' compensation insurance. (5) Our safety programs seem to be helping to reduce claims. (6) Departments who have a lot of claims will be worked with to make sure they have good safety programs and a safety officer.

Committee reports were given as follows:

Advisory Committee:

Charlie Swinson. (1) SEANC Teddy Bear Project. Second by Henry Sermons... motion carried. (2) American Income would provide A&D of $1,000 to every member of the Association, $500 to the spouse and $250 for the children; Second by Jane Soboto; motion carried. (3) New air conditioner for office to cost approximately $5500; second by Glen Cowan; motion carried. (4) Convert existing 401K plan to (SEP). Second by Fitx McKeel; motion carried. (5) I-40 reversal plan is in place.

Finance Committee:

Gary Whitman. (1) Accept balance sheets for the NCAR&EMS and Brotherhood 05-31-2003. Second by Fitz McKeel; motion carried. (2) Approved Accrued Vacation & Sick Payout for this year. Second by Glen Cowan; motion carried. (3) Pay for air conditioner. Amend membership dues by adding $5800. Amend building repair and mantenance by $5800. Second by Fitz McKeel; motion carried. (4) Proposed budget for 2003-2004. Second by Henry Sermons; motion carried. Budget as amended; motion carried.

Legislative Committee:

Henry Sermons. (1) HR919 Rep Etheridge (provides PSO benefits for heart attacks) has 259 cosponsors. Rep Coble is chair of the committee that has HR919. (2) S459 Sen Leahy (provides PSO benefits for heart attacks) has passed the Senate and is in the House Judiciary Committee. (3) Follow legislation on our web site.

Membership Committee:

Charlie Swinson. (1) One new department, Cary Fire & Rescue. (2) One closed, Warsaw Rescue. (3) Two dropped for not filing rosters, Rutherford County Air Rescue and Wildwood Fire & Rescue. (4) 514 squads in Association. (5) 19,867 paid members. (6) 242 Squads in the Brotherhood with 5,491 members, 480 individual members, total membership 5,971.

Publicity & Public Relations Committee:

Charlie Swinson. (1) Let your voice be heard. Keep the media informed about your operations. (2) Several press releases have been sent to the office.

Personnel Committee:

Gordon Joyner for Sprunt Hall; No report.

Resolutions Committee:

Angie Callihan; No report.

Mutual Aid Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) Make sure you have your officers and equipment updated and on file with the office. (2) Reparation will effect us by supplying units for transportation.

Relief Fund Committee:

Robert Poe. (1) 32 Students have not filed Spring grades. (2) They are not paid until they file their grades. (3) They have been sent reminders if not filed by 7-10-2003 they will lose their scholarship. (4) We adopted PSO limitations and exclusions for LODD\'s. (5) Approved LODD for Terry Caroll of Coats Grove Fire & Rescue. (6) One accidental death has been paid in Anson County. (7) All relief fund benefits are tied to eligibility for membership or membership in the Association.

Rescue Competition:

Terry Foxss/Joe Burris. (1) Richard Caudill taking care of the Rescue Challenge. (2) Site has been visited and secured. (3) Rescue Judged Evaluation will be held August 9 & 10 in Thomasville. (4) Judges entry deadline 8-1-03. (5) Dealine for rescue & rescue challenge entries 8-1-2003. (5) Rescue problem will be around structural collapse. (6) Teams will have to furnish most of the equipment.

BLS Competition:

Charlie Swinson/Drexdal Pratt. (1) Allen Johnson conducted the BLS evaluation and there were 14 judges attending. (2) Text for the competition will be NC EMT Curriculum. (3) Not sure of staffing for convention. (4) There are few and fewer BLS departments and that will have an effect on BLS Competition. (5) Henry Sermons appointed chair of committee to get with Drexdal, Robert and Gordon to work on ALS competition.

Special Committees:

Convention 2003:

Association. Gordon A. Joyner. (1) Dates September 12-13-14, 2003 in Winston Salem, NC. (2) Adam's Mark host hotel. (3) Party Time-Party Time DJ on Friday night. (4) Saturday band will be "The Embers". (5) All information is linked to web site on our web page. ( Hotel, Competition entries, Registration and Schedule are all on-line.

Convention 2004:

Association. Gordon A. Joyner. (1) September 23-24-25, 2004 in Winston-Salem, NC. (2) Contract has been signed with convention center. (3) Hotel contracts have been signed. (4) All information will be put on the web page.

New Business:

(1) Yadin County will celebrate 30th anniversary and open house 6-29-2003 (2) Rescue College will go to a new format next year. If you have suggestions, please get them to the office. (3) Gary Whitman announced that he would be a candidate for Vice-Commander. (4) Blue Ridge Community College Fire & Rescue will be held August 2 & 3, 2003.


Motion to adjourn by Terry Foxx. Second by Fitz McKeel; motion carried.


these minutes taken by Gordon A. Joyner/Secretary-Treasurer

(Not official Until Approved by the Board of Directors.)

Meeting Minutes for June 29, 2003

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